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A great network of professionals

Elio Ciralli

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CEO, Professional Engineer

Technical Director, Planner, Designer, Project Manager, Marina Designer

Giancarlo Inserra

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Professional Engineer,

Technical Director, Project Manager, Designer

Architecture and Urbanism

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Professional Architects

Landscaping, Urbanism, Designers


Topo-bathymetric Surveys

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Professional Engineers

Topo-morpho-bathimetric surveys experts, multi beam, SSS, SBP, APR, laser scanner surveys


Modeling and BIM experts

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Professional Engineers

BIM, digital modeling, pre-post processing expert

Professionals of the Progetti e Opere Network

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Professional Architects and Engineers, each managing their team

Electrical and mechanical plants

A/C, fluids distribution, drainage, waste treatment 


CAD and Desktop Publishing

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Engineers, architects, graphical designers

Administrative Office

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Administrative Office staff

Tender Office

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Tender Office staff

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